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Icuria Coss - The Scabs Are Itching Badly Today
The Scabs Are Itching Badly Today

Belgian composer/electronic artist Bob Vanderbob a.k.a Bobvan teamed up with Toronto-based vocalist/dancer/actress extraordinaire Susanna Hood, of Hum and Plunderphonics fame, and British writer Liz Scrimgeour, to conjure up Icuria Coss, a woman with a fractured mind and a troubled past. She is the central character in a sonic adventure beginning with The Scabs Are Itching Badly Today, their debut CD, out now on Entangled Records.

"Wake up", she whispers, "Wake up!", and the next thing you know, you're whirling through this woman's psyche, in the company of sad ghosts, flying horses and dead children. She is mesmerizing, seductive, scary.
And her scabs are itching badly.

This is electronica with passion and guts. It sends shivers down your spine and makes your neurons tingle. Susanna Hood breathes life into Liz Scrimgeour's quirky texts. Her powerful presence is carried by Bobvan's musical wizardry.
The Scabs Are Itching Badly Today makes no compromises. It shatters the self-imposed restrictions of contemporary pop, delves into musique concrète sophistication, yet unashamedly treats us to the pure aural pleasure and emotional immediacy of a whistled tune, a barking dog or a haunting sax solo.

The 17 tracks of the album echo back and forth between each other, in sound and word. Everything is connected. This is Icuria's world, familiar and unfathomable.
Is she stuck in this rut forever? Can she break out?

"This is music for the 25th century..."
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  1. Sad Ghosts
  2. Newton Said
  3. The Scabs Are Itching Badly Today
  4. Where Am I?
  5. All Alone Now
  6. Love Me
  7. A Fatal Mistake
  8. Dead of Night
  9. My Mad Horse
  10. She Sings Her Secrets
  11. I See Said The Eye
  12. Remember
  13. An Echo
  14. Talk To Me
  15. Joy
  16. The Sea
  17. Wake Up